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Vertical Lime Kiln

Vertical lime kiln refers to vertical shaft kiln for lime, AGICO CEMENT supplies vertical lime kiln  and related equipment with factory price.

Capacity: 80-1200TPD

Applications: It is suitable for small and medium-sized lime production lines.

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vertical lime kiln for sale

We can provide twin shaft lime kiln, annular lime kiln, double-beam lime kiln and other types of shaft lime kilns.

gas fired vertcial lime kiln
Gas fuel vertical lime kiln

Capacity: less than 300t/d

Fuel: gas

Features: save energy, activity degree reach 320ml.

this type of gas-fired vertical lime kiln is suitable for small-capacity of lime production lines.

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Twin shaft lime kiln

Capacity: 300-800t/d

Fuel: gas, pulverized coal, and etc.

Features: save energy, activity degree reach 360-400ml.

Twin shaft lime kiln also known as twin shaft parallel flow regenerative kiln, is suitable for investors that want medium-sized lime production lines.

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Annular lime kiln

Capacity: 300t/d, 500t/d, 600t/d, etc.

Fuel: gas, pulverized coal, etc.

Features: activity degree is more than 360ml.

The annular vertical lime kiln has a simple structure and is designed for medium-sized lime production lines.

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Double beam lime kiln 

Capacity: 100-600t/d

Fuel: gas, pulverized coal, gas & coal co-firing, and other fuels.

Activity degree: more than320ml.

Double beam lime kiln saves energy and require lower investment, it is applied for steel, power and papermaking, etc.

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Why choose AGICO CEMENT?

AGICO CEMENT is a reliable lime kiln manufacturer that can design and build automatic environmental protection vertical lime kiln.

We own professional team, mature technology, and rich experience to provide a full production line of the vertical lime kilns. With highlights of lower investment, high automation, great quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection, our vertical lime kiln has widely been used to metallurgy, nonferrous, chemical, building materials and other industries. We have built a lot of vertical shaft kiln for lime with volume of 150-500m3.

Service: our company undertakes EPC project including lime kiln design, engineering design, Provision of proprietary equipment, installation and debugging and personnel training, etc.

1. Original design and energy-saving operation

2. Ingenious dust removal system and standard emission of flue gas

3. Use waste heat efficiently and Compact layout

4. Uniform size of raw materials and high-quality of products

5. The mixing system is novel in design and Fully automatic weighing device

6. unique structure of Spraying equipment, uniform cloth in the kiln

7. Reasonable ash discharge equipment, advanced furnace condition control method

8. High level of automation production


relates equipment for vertical lime kiln

To ensure the quality and capacity of finished product, and achieve stable full automation production, our vertical lime kiln has to be equipped dedicated device and main standard equipment as follows:

9-19 series high pressure fanCombustion air and secondary air in the kilnSpecifications and technical parameters are determined according to the size of the kiln
circulating gas fanAdjust the furnace condition
air compressorreverse blow for Electronic scale, distributor and other equipment
bag dust collectorflue gas dust removal
centrifugal wind fanAuxiliary equipment of dust collector
continuous bucket elevatorFinished ash loading warehouse
suspended vibrating screenSieve raw materials and remove impurities
suspended vibrating feederUsed in the feeding place
desulfurization towerFlue gas desulfurization, denitration

lime kiln process

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, while the main component of lime is calcium oxide. The basic principle of burning lime is to use high temperature to decompose calcium carbonate in limestone into quicklime of calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

lime production

Limestone and fuel are loaded into the lime kiln (if the gas fuel is fed through pipelines and burners), after preheating, it begins to decompose at 850 °C, and completes calcination at 1200 °C; after cooling, it is discharged out of the kiln to complete the production of quicklime products. Different kiln shapes have different preheating, calcining, cooling and ash discharge methods, but several process principles are the same, namely: high raw material quality, good lime quality; high fuel calorific value, low quantity consumption; The calcination time is proportional; the activity of quicklime is inversely proportional to the calcination time and the calcination temperature.

vertical lime kiln specification

Lime kiln is mainly composed of kiln body, feeding device, distributing device, combustion device, ash discharge device, electrical appliances, instrument control device, dust removal device and so on.

Effective furnace volume(m3)100-500
Heat rate(KJ/Kg. lime)910×4.1868
Unit standard coal consumption(Kg/t. lime)< 130
Utilization factor(t/d.m3)≥0.85
Activity degree(ml)≥300
Calcium content of quicklime (%)≥90
Over-burning rate of quicklime (%)< 5-7
Quick lime consumption(t/t)1.8
CO2 concentration in flue gas (%)42
Soot emission index(mg/Nm3)< 10