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vertical shaft kiln

VSK cement plant

Capacity: 50-500 t/d
Applicable materials: Limestone, clay, iron ore or iron powder, anthracite, etc.
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VSK cement plant is short of vertical shaft kiln cement plant, it is mainly applied for small scale cement plants. As the name suggested, the core equipment of the cement plant is vertical shaft kiln. To meet various needs of clients, we supply different sizes of VSK cement plants, such as 50 TPD, 65 TPD, 75 TPD, 100 TPD, 150 TPD, 200 TPD, 300 TPD,400 TPD, and 500 TPD.

Benefits of VSK cement plant

  • Low investment and high efficiency;
  • Multiple options of fuels, such as anthracite or bituminous coal with volatile content ≤15% can also be used in combination with several coals, and the low heating value is ≥5000kcal/kg..
  • Various sizes of the cement plants are available, it is convenient to choose a suitable one according to budget.

VSK cement plant production

Limestone crushing

In general, jaw crusher is suggested in the vertical shaft kiln cement plant, simple structure and reliable operation will greatly improve the outlets of cement crushing, also reduce energy consumption.

Crushed limestone storage and transportation

Limestone is crushed to the appropriate grinding size, and the clay, iron powder, raw coal and other materials are respectively entered into the mixing bin, and then fed into the raw mill by metering and belt conveyor in accordance with the pre-set proportion.

Cement raw meal grinding

For small production lines, when the raw material moisture content is relatively high, the dryer is used to dry it and enter the raw material mill for grinding, and the dry grinding process is generally adopted. For larger production lines, a mill with drying function can be considered.

Clinker calcining

Modern vertical shaft kiln has high thermal efficiency, improve the inhomogeneity of traditional shaft kiln, increase the clinker quality, and decrease the power consumption.

Cement grinding

Small cement production line, according to the production line can choose open flow or circle flow grinding process. The clinker of shaft kiln is relatively loose and easy to grind than that of rotary kiln. The production capacity of shaft kiln clinker of the same specification ball mill is 10-20% higher than that of grinding rotary kiln clinker.

Cement storage: the cement silo selection should take store, production deployment, quality control into consideration.

Why choose vertical shaft kiln cement plant from AGICO CEMENT?

  • EPC project for VSK cement plant: Full management system covers design, manufacture, installation, debugging, etc.
  • Factory direct: We have own factory to support customization service and production requirement.
  • Advanced VSK technology: Advanced technology is based on a strong technology team and huge investment in technology update.
  • Rich experience: AGICO CEMENT has built many cement plant projects and exported many types of cement equipment to countries around the world.